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All Saints Parish - San BuenaVentura, CA

Our Faith is over 2000 years old - Our thinking is not....

All Saints Parish began serving the GLBTQ community in Ventura County in March 1997. We are a totally welcoming - open - honest place for all the people of God to worship and pray together as the people of God. We exist as a way to provide powerfully positive places for GLBTQ people their families, friends and supporters to proclaim their personal relationships with GOD.

Just because we are Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual, Transgenter, or Questioning... does not mean that we can not love God as much as God loves us. God created us to be the people that we are. We need only love the person that God created. The world may say that we can not be Gay and Christian - but we know better. We are Gay and Christian and proud of it. God wants us to know we are loved and All Saints Parish is just the place to explore this. The World is not right, we are the children of God - just as much as anyone else - Come and join us for worship soon. Experience the Love of God and the Family of God in the Holy Space we have created called All Saints Parish.

Services are held every Sunday in our Chapel located at 10:00am, 2550 E main Street San BuenaVentura, CA.

Come celebrate with us soon.

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Worship Service is on Sunday at 10:00am - Our Chapel is located at 2550 E Main Street, San BueanVentura, CA 93005, You can follow our activities on FaceBook at All Saints Parish - EACA, On Twitter #HolyTrinityInsights

Mail to PO Box 5671, San Bueanventura, CA 93005

Answering Machine = 805-648-5636